Ampyx Power

Climate change is a major threat to our planet. The global transition to a sustainable energy supply is progressing only slowly, partly because production of renewable energy is more expensive than fossil-based alternatives. The economic crisis further delays the transition, as the focus of governments shifted from investing in addressing climate change to solving short-term economic issues. With our PowerPlane┬« technology, we can bring about dramatic change in the energy sector. PowerPlanes┬« will generate renewable power at cost levels far below fossil-fueled alternatives such as coal-fired power plants. This will allow utility companies and banks to invest in renewable power generation capacity while sustainability drivers and economic drivers point in the same direction. Without subsidies. It is our mission to develop our technology as fast as possible and bring our PowerPlane┬« systems to market. As we believe our products can only be truly sustainable if they're safe, we will adhere to stringent safety standards, both during development and in our commercial products.