Skip Stewart

My name is Skip Stewart. I have been flying extreme airshows for more than twelve years in a custom biplane based on a Pitts S-2S. For the first several years I had been looking forward to building a second airplane and I started the construction of that plane early last year. It is now flying, but I found that I was not as satisfied with the build as I thought I would be. That's when it occurred to be that even though I was building completely custom wings, a new tail, using a carbon fiber cowling, and lots of titanium, that it was still just an airplane based on building techniques that date back to the 1930's. That's when I contacted Aero Iron Works. A company I have used to develop some of the parts for my current airplanes; Prometheus (P1), and P2. I told owner Eddie Saurenman that I wanted to design a new plane from the ground up that would be constructed totally of carbon fiber and that is must be curvy and sexy, so that when you looked at it,ithad to have been made from carbon fiber. We relied heavily on what he and I have learned from RC airplanes in the design. The result is the Revolution biplane. Sincerely, Skip Stewart